"John Scully's" comic strip that has a farewell every day (drawn and written by Ruben Bolling)

"John Scully's" comic strip that has a farewell every day (drawn and written by Ruben Bolling)
"John Scully's" comic strip that has a farewell every day (drawn and written by Ruben Bolling)
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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

7 October 2014

Jake McLaughlin b. 1982 (Super 8, Heroes, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Cloverfield)
Edison Chen b. 1980 (The Dark Knight, The Grudge 2)
Shawn Ashmore b. 1979 (X-Men, Fringe, The Day, Smallville, Earthsea, Wolf Girl, The Outer Limits, Earth: Final Conflict, Flash Forward, The Ray Bradbury Theatre)
Aaron Ashmore b. 1979 (Smallville, Warehouse 13, Lost Girl)
Tony Way b. 1978 (Doctor Who, Edge of Tomorrow, Game of Thrones, Fairy Tales)
Joe Cobden b. 1978 (Source Code, Devil, I Heart Doomsday, Blindness, The Day After Tomorrow)
Brandon Quinn b. 1977 (The Vampire Diaries, Knight Rider [2008], Charmed, The Nightmare Room, Big Wolf on Campus)
Jamie Hector b. 1975 (The Strain, Heroes, Jericho)
Sabrina Grdevich b. 1970 (Jeremiah, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Total Recall 2070, starThe Adventures of Sinbad)
Warrington Gillette b. 1960 (Friday the 13th Part 2, Timewalker)
Dylan Baker b. 1959 (Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3, The Cell, The Invisible Man [TV movie 1998], From the Earth to the Moon)
Judy Landers b. 1958 (Out of This World, Dr, Alien, ALF, Knight Rider, Deadly Nightmares, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century)
Frank Deal b. 1958 (Gotham, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Fringe)
Rosalyn Landor b. 1958 (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Arthur the King, Hammer House of Horror)
James Van Patten b. 1956 (Saw 3D: The Final Chapter, Hyper Space, Shazam!)
Tom McBride b. 1952 died 24 September 1995 (Friday the 13th Part 2)
Howard Chaykin b. 1950 (writer/illustrator, American Flagg!)
Austin Stoker b. 1943 (Time Walker, The Incredible Hulk, The Six Million Dollar Man, Gemini Man, Battle for the Planet of the Apes)
Joseph Sirola b. 1929 (Wonder Woman, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, The Green Hornet)

A list where everyone is still alive. Yay! The list was almost Star Trek free, but it did include Rosalyn Landor who played Breanna Odell on Next Generation, one of the many female companions of that hound dog Riker. She was also on Rumpole of the Bailey and now does a lot of voice work. Brown eyes, auburn hair, nice accent. It might be she reminded me a little of Diana Rigg, but whatever it was, she certainly made an impression.

Many happy returns to all.

Movies released
Fail-Safe released, 1964
 Predictor: Fail-Safe by Eugene Burdick and Harvey Wheeler, published 1962

Prediction: 1967: A Vindicator bomber wing, led by Group Commander Grady, is flying over the Bering Strait when an attack code number appears on the fail-safe box.

Reality: The fear of nuclear war was a part of daily life for most of the second half of the 20th Century, and the mid-1960s after the Cuban Missile Crisis was likely the peak of it, especially with the success of big budget movies like Fail-Safe and Dr. Strangelove. As we are all aware, we did not have toe-to-toe nuclear confrontation with the Russkis in 1967, one of the many lucky events that makes it possible for me to write this blog. It should be noted that the creepy cocktail party intellectual who is all in favor of nuclear war and played by Walter Matthau is actually based in part on Herman Kahn, one of our regular if not accurate predictors.

 Never to be Forgotten: 
Sarah Danielle Goldberg 1974-2014
I recently saw the obituary for Chicago stage actress Sarah Danielle Goldberg, who was usually listed as Sarah Danielle Madison in film credits. Her family said in the obit that she died of natural causes, but that raises more questions than it answers when the deceased just turned 40. She was in Savage Planet and Jurassic Park III

Best wishes to the family and friends of Sarah Danielle Goldberg, from a fan. She is never to be forgotten.

Never to be Forgotten:
Geoffrey Holder 1930-2014

Geoffrey Holder, who is best remember by Americans of a certain age from the 7-Up commercials that lauded the advantages of the Un-Cola, has died at the age of 84. He worked as a dancer and choreographer, but in recent decades most of his work has been as narrator, taking advantage of his truly lovely voice. (As a baritone, I am deeply jealous of the best basses.) He is remembered here for his on-screen work in Ghost of a Chance, John Grin’s Christmas, his role as the Cheshire Cat in the 1983 Broadway revival of Alice in Wonderland and Doctor Dolittle [1967].

Best wishes to the family and friends of Geoffrey Holder, from a fan. He is never to be forgotten.

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  1. I remember those 7-Up commercials but I also remember his role in the Bond movie "Live and Let Die," back when "voodoo" was the all-purpose magical bugaboo in the 1970s, shorthand for "mysterious stuff we don't understand, plus it has zombies!"

    1. His character's name in the Bond film was Baron Samedi, one of the major spirits (loa) of voodoo as practiced in Louisiana and Haiti. There isn't anything actually supernatural in the Bond film, so I didn't list it as genre.


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