"John Scully's" comic strip that has a farewell every day (drawn and written by Ruben Bolling)

"John Scully's" comic strip that has a farewell every day (drawn and written by Ruben Bolling)
"John Scully's" comic strip that has a farewell every day (drawn and written by Ruben Bolling)
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

11 November 2014

Ian Patrick b. 2002 (Looper)
Connor Price b. 1994 (Annedroids, The Good Witch’s Wonder, Being Human, Carrie [2013], Dino Dan: Trek’s Adventures, Alphas, Haven, Stephen King’s Dead Zone)
Christa B. Allen b. 1991 (Detention of the Dead, Wizards of Waverly Place)
Rachel Sterling b. 1979 (True Blood, Surrogates)
Leonardo Di Caprio b. 1974 (Inception, Critters 3)
Adam Beach b. 1972 (Revolution, Cowboys & Aliens, Stephen King’s Dead Zone)
David DeLuise b. 1971 (Abner, the Invisible Dog, Wizards of Waverly Place, Vampires Suck, Robodoc, Stargate SG-1, 3rd Rock form the Sun, Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles, Good vs Evil, Dracula: Dead and Loving It, SeaQuest 2032, Lois & Clark)
Alison Doody b. 1966 (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)
Jill Whitlow b. 1963 (Swamp Thing [TV], Freddy’s Nightmares, Night of the Creeps, Weird Science, Otherworld)
Demi Moore b. 1962 (The Butcher’s Wife, Ghost, Tales from the Crypt, Parasite)
Stanley Tucci b. 1960 (The Hunger Games, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Jack the Giant Slayer, Captain America, The Core, Monkey Shines)
Stephen Lee b. 1955 died 14 August 2014 (Threshold, Invasion, Dark Angel, Black Scorpion, Carnosaur 3: Primal Species, Babylon 5, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Prehysteria!, Quantum Leap, The Pit and the Pendulum, RoboCop 2, Hard Time on Planet Earth, Dolls, Amazing Stories, WarGames)
Bill Moseley b. 1951 (Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D, Z Nation, House of the Witchdoctor, Texas Chainsaw 3D, Dead Souls, Exit Humanity, The Devil’s Tomb, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Halloween [2007], The Devil’s Rejects, Carnivale, Army of Darkness, Night of the Living Dead [1990], Freddy’s Nightmares, The Blob [1988], Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Endangered Species)
Vincent Schiavelli b. 1948 died 26 December 2005 (Snow White: The Fairest of Them All, Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, Buffy, Perversions of Science, Escape to Witch Mountain, The X Files, M.A.N.T.I.S., Highlander [TV], Batman Returns, Harry and the Hendersons [TV], Eerie, Indiana, Tales from the Crypt, Ghost, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Buckaroo Banzai)
Nancy Linehan Charles b, 1942 (Futurestates, Minority Report, Crusade, Space: Above and Beyond, Dracula [1992]))
Jonathan Winters b. 1925 died 11 April 2013 (Alice in Wonderland [1985 TV], Mork and Mindy, Twilight Zone)
John Guillermin b. 1925 (director, King Kong, King Kong Lives)
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. b. 1922 died 11 April 2007 (author)
Stubby Kaye b. 1918 died 14 December 1997 (Doctor Who, Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
Robert Ryan b. 1909 died 11 July 1973 (Captain Nemo and the Underwater City, The Boy with Green Hair)

Notes on the birthday list.
1. The Picture Slot. Last year it was Kurt Vonnegut Jr. This year, I was sentimental and went with Jonathan Winters one role on Twilight Zone, starring opposite Jack Klugman, who was in multiple episodes. There are actual movie stars on the list - Leonardo di Caprio, Demi Moore, Robert Ryan - but they aren't genre movie stars exactly. Stanley Tucci and Vincent Schiavelli are the most likely Oh That Guys for 2015 and if I want to go fabulous babe, Allison Doody's role in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is close to iconic.

2. Spot the Canadians. Two, both born after 1970. Good luck.

Many happy returns to all the living in the list and to the dead, thanks for all the memories. 

Movies released
Immortals, released 2011  
Predictor: FM-2030 in Upwing Priorities, published 1981

Globalism: In the age of global telecommunication – supersonics and world travel – global economy – nations exist mostly in name. In our times nationalism is a sure sign of backwardness. Nations are like peeing territories charted by dogs. Such territoriality is antifuture – you should be able to pee anywhere in the world.

Accelerators: More and more global infrastructures to accommodate global issues. Global referendums – global telecom networks and publications – global exchange programs – common markets and regional blocs – universal language (Unilang) – anything that will bring us together.

How can you the individual reinforce this process? For one thing publicly disavow nationality. What is your nationality? I am global. But where are you from? I am from Planet Earth. Such a stand can help spread the new consciousness. Live global: Each time you travel you make the world a little more intimate. The earlier children translive around the world the better the chances they will emerge as world people and globalize the rest. There are no more tourists or foreigners no internal affairs or national honor. This whole planet now belongs to all of us

Reality: Okay, I'll admit it. I'm twelve. I had a very hard time reading this passage because of how much I was thinking about the pee references.

And then there's the banishing of commas. I don't like the Oxford comma and I avoid the use of, the Shatner, COMMA!, but no commas makes stuff very hard to read.

Where do I agree with Frozen Moron 2030? Old FroMo is right about nationalism being a sign of backwardness. As for "I am from Planet Earth", I gave that cheese up when I was twelve. (Note: I am not really twelve now. but the first paragraph pee stuff did throw me off balance.) I looked up Unilang online to see if any remnant of his cult survives and in this case, the answer is no.

Let me close by saying this. Wherever I translive, it will be a place where the global infrastructure includes plumbing, and I don't care how antifuture my attitude is, if you hang out with me, there are several hard and fast rules about where you can pee.

Looking one day ahead... INTO THE FUTURE!

Back to the 1911 story from the New York World, prediction the wonders of 2011.

Join us then... IN THE FUTURE!


  1. He's just in favor of trans-plumbing...

    Nations are like peeing territories charted by dogs.

    Even with commas, this sentence is hopeless. How does a territory pee? Why are dogs doing charting? Aren't territories pretty much the same as nations? why is a regional bloc better than a nation or a territory?

    But You may have a bone to pick with WikiWhackyWoo, Prof. They say this about FroMo: "Many of FM-2030's predictions about social trends from the 1970s through the early 21st century proved remarkably prescient"

    Ho ho ho!

    1. Yeah, I saw the Wiki Whacky. Let people have their fun.

      There's only two weeks more left of stuff from FM-2030. I'm a little ashamed to say I'm going to miss him.

    2. A bizarre version of Stockholm Syndrome? Or SH-2014 trans-syndrome!

  2. Each time you travel you make the world a little more intimate.

    Having just come back from Playa del Mar, I agree with this.

  3. Wait, what? FroMo put three complete, proper sentences in the same paragraph? Sure, the last one is technically a run-on, and it involves dog urine, but it's still correct.

    Who could've predicted that?

    1. It must be said that the predictions featured here have been remarkably dog-urine free up to now.

    2. Yes, this is the first dog urine, but that just means the system was backed up and some inevitably had to leak out.

  4. The Canadians are Connor Price and Adam Beach.


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