JBatman vs Superman by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley

JBatman vs Superman by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley
Batman vs Superman by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley

Saturday, January 26, 2013

26 January 2013


Philip José Farmer b. 1918 died 2/25/2009
(won 1972 Hugo for To Your Scattered Bodies Go)

Prediction: In 2012, young people would be listening to "new sounds from the computers" and no one would play instruments anymore.

Predictor: Archie Comics, 1972

Reality: The computer as jukebox is a real thing. Of course, a comic book artist in 1972 is a year before from the microprocessor revolution, so he can be forgiven for drawing the computer the size of washer-dryer combo. And of course, with the reality of tiny musical computer systems actually available in 2012, everyone should be wearing headphones, completely oblivious to the rest of the room. Maybe they are installed inside their helmets.

Fashion note: I love that IN THE FUTURE guys are wearing onesies and the goofy hat has made such a fantastic comeback as a fashion accessory for both men and women.

Thanks: Regular reader Leo Lincourt found this gem and sent it to me.  Thanks, Leo!

Looking one day... INTO THE FUTURE! Who starts World War Three? Why, Albania, of course. And when will it start? In that dreaded year IN THE FUTURE... 1963!

Join me then... IN THE FUTURE!


  1. The first time I read that PJF book, I checked it out of the Library, and it had that psychedelic cover.

    It also twisted my little zombie brain.

    I loved the Riverworld series.

  2. Well, who knew that Iran would be working toward getting the bomb? Or that the Soviet Union would fall apart (sort-of). Albania isn't THAT far fetched.

    What memories! I can't remember when I stopped being a die-hard science fiction fan but I sure am remembering these books.

  3. I really like that dad bought an IBM upright so junior could play some tunes when the gang comes over for hamburgers and a malt, which by now are obviously in pill form.

  4. OMG! I completely spaced on Food In Pill Form! Eventually, it will have to have a label of its own.


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